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Tooth Crowns in Fayetteville

Are you unhappy with the color or shape of your teeth? Have your teeth been suddenly injured or damaged over time? You may be a perfect candidate for an effective restorative solution called a tooth crown.

What Are Tooth Crowns and How Do They Work?

A tooth crown is a protective or aesthetic covering for an unhealthy tooth or a dental implant. They are often referred to as dental caps because they look just like tooth-shaped caps. Crowns are popular restorative treatments because they appear almost the same as your actual teeth, so all anyone ever sees are your great-looking teeth.

Our dentists use crowns to enhance the appearance of misshapen, dull, or severely stained teeth. Crowns are also used to repair fractured or cracked teeth that can’t be sufficiently fixed with a filling, they also connect dental bridges and protect a tooth after a root canal procedure.

Do Crowns Demand Dental Specialists?

Absolutely not. The procedure is now as common as fillings and root canals, so practically every general and family dentist offer crown placement. And, you can find crowns conveniently close to you at our dental practice.

If you are unhappy with your teeth due to damage or an attractive appearance, call our office and schedule an appointment to see if crowns are right for you.

Do Crowns Come in Many Varieties?

The two general types of crowns are temporary and permanent. Temporary caps are ready-made and used as short-term dental protection. Permanent crowns are customized to match your other teeth and take a few weeks to be created by a special dental lab.

Should You Get Ceramic Crowns?

It really depends on your dental needs and preferences. If you have damaged a front tooth, ceramic crowns are the best choice for a front tooth crown because their color blends more naturally with your existing teeth than other crown materials. Ceramic caps can withstand daily wear. But, ceramic crowns demand the loss of a small amount of tooth structure for placement and are also more prone or breakage than both porcelain or a gold crown tooth beneath a heavy bite.

When Are Porcelain Crowns a Good Choice?

If strength, dental protection, and durability are important to you, then a porcelain crown is the ideal option. In addition to being very strong, these crowns have a tighter dental seal to help you avoid recurring decay and leaks. Placing a porcelain crown requires more loss of dental structure than any other crown material.

Do Crowns Require Complex Procedures?

Not at all. The dental crown procedure is surprisingly simple. In fact, the entire procedure can be done in just a pair of dental visits. However, additional appointments may be involved if you need prior dental work.

The treatment begins with a dental exam to determine if your damaged tooth is healthy enough for a tooth cap. If it is, our dentist will smooth out your damaged tooth and take a dental impression which will be delivered to a special lab for permanent crown production. You’ll be sent home with a temporary crown as a short-term dental solution while we work on your permanent crown.

You will return to our office when your permanent crown is ready a few weeks later and our dentist will position it for comfort, function, and fit.

Does It Cost A Significant Amount of Money to Get Crowns for Teeth?

The final cost really depends on the kind of crown you get. If you’re worried about costs, you’ll be happy to know that a portion of the dental crown cost is often covered by discount dental plans and most dental insurance companies. Feel free to call us and speak to our office staff if you would like further details.

What Should You Do to Take Care of Your Crowns?

You can make your crowns last up to 40 years if you maintain good dental hygiene habits. This should include brushing your teeth at least once at morning and at night, flossing every day, and visiting our dental practice twice a year for cleanings and thorough checkups.

To schedule an appointment, call our practice today and let us help you protect your dental health.

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Dr Joe is the the best . Did a very difficult crown removal and replacement for me. His experience was to the benefit of me. Trust him with all my dental work.
Dental One is well Organized; Professional; Friendly; Gentle; and Caring.
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After having conflicts with my schedule. The office was understanding and worked with me to reschedule an appointment that worked for me. Great people to work with.
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The Staff at Dental One are awesome. Very friendly and the Dr take his time to explain all details.
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Dr. Perez is tremendously talented, personable, and professional. His assistant, Tyrone, is awesome. I recently had a root canal and crown procedure. The root canal was PAINLESS. Dr. Perez performed […]
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Young professionals and very knowledgeable of patients care and concerns. I was very satisfied with Dr. B!! I highly recommend her..
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